There was Movement in the Market…

Coming onto the market this week after some big go-lives and annuity projects wrapped up recently, are a combination of techies and functional consultants with skills across HANA, Data, BI, Security, NetWeaver, Finance and HCM.

There are also some CRM, EAM, and Procurement people who have updated their booking schedules as “Coming Available” in the next couple of weeks.

They are the consultants whose calendars look like this:

If you’re only just finding out about the talent platform here, the smart-match engine connects SAP people with SAP projects by skills, availability, budget, industry experience, security clearance, project methodologies, citizenship, even business-level language skills and role levels. Then you can sort, filter, refine and contact people directly in real time. Yes, really.

Employers hire directly:

  • No placement fees on permanents
  • No margins on contractors
  • No pay-per-job advertising expenses

Free for SAP Consultants, with just a flat member fee for SAP Employers for unlimited posting, unlimited hiring, and unlimited project engagements.

There are 100’s and 100’s of local, SAP Certified, available (or coming available!) consultants who have registered to be found for SAP work this way; with roles promoted here, on platform, across our InsideSAP social media channels and broader market readership.

The current breakdown of registered skills is:

So… need a new way to find available talent? We’ve got you covered.

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