The Three Stages of Order Fulfillment & How SAP Programs Can Assist with Each Step

Order fulfillment involves the steps taken in receiving, processing and delivering orders to customers.Our SAP certification course will teach you how to expertly utilise SAP programs to save time and resources at each stage of fulfillment.

1. Receiving Goods Ordered

Once inventory has been received it must be:

• Counted to ensure that the number of items received is the same as the number of items ordered
• Inspected to ensure that it is in good working order
• Added to software to update stock levels

Inventory levels are entered into SAP at this step. SAP training in Sydney will teach you how to streamline this process in small, medium, and large organisations.

2. Processing Customer Orders

The second step of the fulfillment process is to receive customer orders and process them. The warehouse needs to be advised of the order andthe sale must be recorded.The items are then picked from the warehouse and sent to the packing station, where quality checking is completed, and the goods scanned. The order is packed, paperwork is enclosed, andit is forwarded to the delivery area.

The customer order information is entered into SAP at this step, and it is updated by each department.

SAP programs have revolutionised order fulfillment.Staffwho have undertaken SAP training in Sydney can easily ascertain the status of each order. Managers can quicklysee how many staff will be required for shifts, and organise rosters accordingly.

SAPmakes fulfilment and planning easy. Staff who have completed a SAP certification course are in high demand by employers.

3. Delivering Orders

The delivery processinvolves weighing the package, determining the best method of dispatch, and ensuring that the item is sent. The software must also be updated so that the items are marked as sent, and the customer notified of the delivery status.

SAP programs make delivery scheduling highly accurate. They enable orders to dispatch quickly and methodically. Customers know that their orders will arrive quickly and that any disruptions can be dealt with easily.

SAP programs make fulfillment very speedy, and are ideal whether the organisation is a small business, or a worldwide company with multiple locations.

Our SAP training in Sydney covers all areas of fulfillment including sales documentation, condition tables, pricing, billing and more.

Whether you are completing a SAP certification course to benefit your existing position or are looking for a new job or promotional opportunity, SiERP courses will deliver!

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