5 Ways SiERP Supports You Through SAP Training

Having up to date training in SAP software programs will benefit you in your current position, and also assist you if you are in the market for a new job or promotion.
Even though you are doing the SAP course online, you are not alone! At SiERP we are here to support you at every stage of your training. Here are 5 ways that SiERP supports you when you undertake SAP training online.

1. SAP System Access
Live training systems will reinforce your learning lessons and allow you to practice demonstration exercises, perform exercises from the student manual, and test scenarios.

2. Online Learning Content
When you enrol in a SAP course online, your learning content is delivered in an e-learning format which includes presentation slides, audio, system demonstrations, mentor tips and slide notes. This flexible form of learning allows you to learn at your own pace. You can repeat any lessons throughout your access period if necessary.

3. SAP Help Desk Support
You will have access to SAP eAcademies while you are training. All queries are answered within 24 hours Monday to Sunday. Technical support for your learning environment is given, as well as the use of FAQs and “Ask the Expert” features. Helpdesk support is in the form of scheduled expert instructor sessions.

4. SIERP Helpdesk Support
You have access to our local tutors for most SAP training online courses. We answer any questions within 24 hours from Monday through to Sunday. Support is in the form of email, Adobe Connect and Skype sessions.

5. Generous E-Learning Access Time
When you enrol in our SAP training online you have unlimited access your learning materials and our support systems for the subject that you are studying for 1 to 5 months.

At SiERP we are here to help you succeed when you enrol in a SAP course online. Our SAP certification programs are designed to be self-paced and user-friendly. Contact us for more information.

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