SAP’s Stay Current Bundle

SAP’s Stay Current Bundle combines state of the art digital enablement components at an attractive price to ensure current skills are maintained in fast-moving cloud solutions.  By providing access to enablement, systems and certification; SAP hopes to support partners to ensure quality in the latest solutions and maximize ROI with a strong focus on enabling experts and skills validation.

The SAP Stay Current bundle offers a flexible, high-quality, complete enablement and validation of skills in innovative SAP software and service.  All in one transaction at an affordable price:

  • 1x SAP Learning Hub, professional edition (public or private cloud version)
  • 1x Certification in the Cloud (CitC)
  • 1x SAP Live Access

The bundle supports social learning, self-study with hands-on practice and certification preparation with an industry-leading experience designed for the digital age.  It supports Partners with their businesses and maximizes the value of their SAP software by obtaining reliable and up-to-date skills as well as the fastest delivery of learning about SAP innovations, hands-on training and certification all available in one transaction!

It offers the fastest delivery of learning about SAP innovations, hands-on training and certification all in one discount subscription. SAP Learning Hub enables you to learn while you earn at a fraction of the cost of traditional SAP classroom training.

SAP Live Access in detail:

SAP Live Access provides subscription-based access to training software systems from SAP. Subscribers to SAP Learning Hub can benefit, as an add-on, from practising on live SAP software systems wherever and whenever they want. SAP Live Access allows learners to work with fully configured SAP software systems to carry out class exercises, cross-train, and experiment. In this environment partners and customers can test, validate, explore, and get hands-on practice with SAP software to build new software skills or to expand and reinforce current ones.

The bundle offers 12-month access to the professional edition of SAP Learning Hub. This digital enablement platform provides unlimited access to high-quality training through social learning, including peer collaboration, live training sessions, and online, expert-led SAP Learning Rooms. Anytime, anywhere access to training tools and materials makes learning more convenient and less costly.SAP Live Access provides subscription-based training software from SAP. With a 12-month subscription that includes 20 hours of access, you can work with fully configured SAP software systems. You can build and reinforce your skills by testing, validating, exploring, and practising with SAP software. Also included is a 12-month subscription to SAP’s online certification in the cloud exams. Certification helps demonstrate your expertise in core cloud solutions from SAP. You can pass as many as six certification exams in the subscription period.