SAP Professional Edition Learning Hub (HUB030)

The SAP Professional Edition Learning Hub is a cloud-based learning portal that provides access to a comprehensive range of learning content on various SAP solutions. You have unlimited access for 12 months, to more than 4000 courses.

The learning hub is very cost effective as it covers ALL courses offered by SAP. Rather than enrolling individually in each course, you can cover all courses in the learning hub for one attractive subscription price of $3,650 + GST.

You have access to the following:

3,000+ handbooks (ebooks) for ALL courses offered by SAP globally.

1,000+ e-learning courses consisting of presentations and practical simulations.

100+ Learning rooms consisting of social learning support from peers and SAP subject experts (tutors), webinars, blogs, moderator hosted live sessions.

100+ Learning Journeys detailing the study path and structure for courses and certifications.

Database of exam questions to assist with your exam preparation.

Our courses cover the system based exercises that are closely related to real business case scenarios. As part of our SAP training, you will learn how to apply the knowledge and skills in the SAP industry as well as be prepared for the SAP certifications.

A subscription to the SAP Learning Hub also qualifies to purchase an additional hands-on practice in a training system from SAP, with the SAP Live Access environment. The SAP Live Access environment is available exclusively for subscribers of SAP Learning Hub. You can purchase access to a live training system for a selection of SAP training courses.

DID YOU KNOW THAT THE SAP LEARNING HUB HAS GROWN TO MORE THAN 500,000 USERS WORLDWIDE? The benefits of the SAP Professional Edition Learning Hub (HUB030) are:

On-demand learning accessible anytime, anywhere and in various languages.
World class learning with a market leader.
Brings you up to date on SAP solution knowledge, providing perpetual ‘’classrooms’’ in the cloud.
Significant cost reduction per user.
Provide a collaborative training environment for individuals and companies.

Success stories:

Mercedes Benz: ‘’We conducted an internal analysis of our training requirements and determined that we needed 1,000 training days to ramp up our new team of IT project consultants. With SAP Learning Hub and the help of SAP Consulting, we were able to complete this training in just 50 days.”
Özlem Vidin Engindeniz,
Daimler SAP & Rollout Service Delivery Center
Turkey Senior Manager, Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş.

Zurich Insurance company: “IBM GBS consultants are now maximizing their learning time and minimizing non-value-adding overhead costs and efforts to spend more time with their customers. This means greater value for the customer and for IBM.’’
Shelia Carter, Learning Officer,
IBM Global Business Services


SiERP is Australia’s only SAP training provider offering easy interest-free payment plans through Certegy ezi-pay.


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