SAP Industry Cloud Solutions Pave the Way for New Life Science Technology

SAP Partners are leveraging SAP Industry Cloud solutions to pave the way for the development of new life science technology. The product portfolio offers a broad range of specialised, cutting-edge solutions that aim to help the life science industry achieve flexibility, efficiency, and resilience while also supporting strategic business transformation.

In order to adapt to the current business landscape, organisations are continuously striving to establish holistically integrated processes utilising advanced technologies such as SAP Industry Cloud — an open platform dubbed by SAP CEO Christian Klein as one of the cornerstone solutions of the German enterprise software giant’s innovation strategy. Delivering specialised applications from SAP and its partners to address industry-specific needs, the portfolio built on SAP Business Technology Platform includes an open API architecture, open process model, open domain model, and business services to ensure interoperability, rapid deployment, and integration with SAP Intelligent Suite and SAP Business Network.

Recently, SAP Partners have been making headlines, specifically concerning the introduction of new life science solutions for supply chain management and clinical trial analytics. SAP Industry Cloud equips these partners in the life science industry with vertical solutions that help them drive sustainable growth and reach significant business results.

Advancing the Development of New Life Science Technology

Teaming up with SAP for several years now, p36 GmbH developed a new solution that helps businesses in the life science sector to address Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements for medical devices. With this, the company was hailed as one of the finalists of the Partner Application of the Year – Industry Cloud category in this year’s SAP Pinnacle Award. The annual event honours SAP Partners that have excelled in growing their partnership with the tech giant and recognises their contributions in helping customers become best-run intelligent enterprises.

Moreover, the UDI Platform from p36 GmbH offers a comprehensive, managed UDI service that supports both business and IT operations, as well as active market monitoring and best practices for multiple countries. Available on SAP Store as part of the SAP Industry Cloud portfolio, the platform assists p36 customers in achieving UDI compliance to gain and maintain global competitiveness. Commenting on the company’s collaboration with SAP, Robin Wennemuth, Co-Founder and CEO of p36 GmbH, said:

“Our continued partnership with SAP has been a major factor in our success, and being a part of SAP’s Industry Cloud portfolio is the perfect way to support our business strategy of industry-focused Software as a service (SaaS) solutions.”

SAP Partners Leverage SAP Industry Cloud Solutions

Meanwhile, SAP also recently formed an industry consortium with pharmaceutical company Roche and global management consulting firm Tenthpin to better manage the specific demands of the clinical supplies market. Composed of various life science stakeholders such as clinical trials and interactive response technology system vendors, the consortium is centred on establishing and coordinating optimally aligned supply processes so that clinical and commercial supply chain management systems can be harmonised.

According to Michael Schmidt, Co-Founder and Partner at Tenthpin, the future of the life science industry’s value chain will be data-driven and patient-centric. He further detailed:

“With the blurring of lines between pharmaceuticals and medical technology, and with the emergence of bioelectronics, the industry will provide integrated healthcare solutions and treatment that go beyond the pill. Innovation capabilities from Tenthpin in support of SAP’s Industry Cloud will be at the heart of this transformation.”

Moreover, Tenthpin has launched a Global Life Science Innovation Center to further deepen its strategic partnership with SAP and foster innovative clinical trial solutions built on SAP Industry Cloud. In May, the company partnered with Bengaluru-based startup SyMetric to work on marketing and implementing cloud solutions for clinical trials, specifically SyMetric’s Clinical Trial Platform (IRT, EDC, ePRO, CTMS) and their Clinical Trial Analytics solution.

“Through our SAP partnership, we are able to leverage SAP Business Technology Platform to deliver flexible, cloud-based solutions to our customers. We are pleased to announce the launch of SyMetric Trial Analytics on SAP Store as part of SAP’s Industry Cloud,” Uma Janapareddy, Managing Director at SyMetric, said.