SAP CEO Shines a Spotlight on SAP Industry Cloud


SAP CEO Christian Klein highlighted SAP Industry Cloud as one of the cornerstone solutions of the German company’s innovation strategy.

The recently concluded virtual event SAP Innovation Day for Partners has strongly focused on SAP Industry Cloud to help SAP partners and customers better understand the software firm’s strategy and messaging. In an article written by SAP CEO Christian Klein, he further underscored how SAP’s industry cloud solutions portfolio delivers innovative, vertical solutions from SAP and its partners to drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.

The SAP CEO described how digitalisation has been disrupting industries and changing business models over the past two decades. According to him, SAP’s broad portfolio with solutions for over 25 industries goes to show that industries have always been the company’s forte.

“We have spent a lot of time with customers and partners to understand and address industry requirements. To help them run their value chains end to end, our customers want SAP software and technology to drive more vertical, industry-specific processes in the cloud with seamless integration into the backbone – which in many cases is in core SAP applications,” Klein said.

SAP Industry Cloud: Addressing Industries’ Needs

Having formidable partnerships with partners and customers, SAP is able to gather valuable feedback and take appropriate action to better serve the unique needs of each industry. For instance, SAP builds modular industry apps to help its customers remain competitive in their specific industry by adapting to new business models with a fast time to value.

Furthermore, in October, SAP has announced the expansion of its industry cloud solutions portfolio to serve the needs of three new industries: retail, professional services, and industrial machinery and components (IM&C). These additions are on top of the four industries announced in June namely utilities, automotive, consumer products, and engineering, construction, and operations (EC&O).

“Our industry cloud solutions engage a broad range of partners to create solutions that complement and build on our deep expertise in end-to-end processes across industries. Because in our digital age, no company alone will be able to tackle the challenges and chances of today. It’s all about partnering and teaming up on a global scale. We will include traditional partners, but also startups, universities, and more. Joint planning means customers get the widest range of solutions available to support their unique industry requirements,” Klein explained.

SAP Industry Cloud delivers specialised applications from SAP and its partners to address specific industry needs. The industry cloud portfolio is built on SAP Business Technology Platform with an open API framework, open process model, open domain model, and business services– ensuring interoperability, rapid deployment, and integration with SAP’s intelligent suite– to help customers quickly adopt innovations as part of their IT landscape.

Developers can also access Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and other advanced technologies from the platform to further accelerate innovation and deliver greater business value.

Promising to build a successful future for partners and customers, Klein said: 

“Now and together with our customers and partners, we will again reinvent how businesses run. We will expand our strong core, consisting of our intelligent suite, our Experience Management solutions, and our Business Technology Platform. We will offer industry cloud solutions so that companies can run their business seamlessly. We will build the world’s largest business network, allowing businesses to quickly react to fast-changing environments and connecting demand to supply across company boundaries. And we will introduce solutions for sustainability management for organizations to understand and minimize their carbon footprint.”