Review SCM: Order Fulfilment (SD)

We got the chance to ask one of our students Perla Apolonio a few questions regarding her completion of the SAP training SCM: Order Fulfillment

1.       Why did you choose to enrol with Sydney Institute of ERP (SiERP)? 

When I searched for the list of schools who were offering SAP training, the website of SIERP came up to be the most attractive and most helpful. Even the training rates here are less than the other schools. When I also rang the school to ask some query, Neve was the one who assisted me and she was very helpful and accommodating. I didn’t know how to step into the SAP world then, but because Neve was very accommodating, I trusted that they would be willing to assist me even with my most un-intelligent questions about SAP. And I was right.

2.       Did the training meet your expectations? If so, how? 

Yes. Both Prof Jaya and Neve were both very helpful to me. I was only an online student then, but they even helped me with everything I need until I pass my SAP certification exams.

3.       What specific features of the training did you like/enjoy the most? 

The book guided me on how to practice and play in the system. That was very helpful. And Prof Jaya would always be willing to answer my SAP questions.

4.       What did you gain from the training? 

I gained understanding on the end to end configuration of SAP SD module, even those areas which I have not encountered at work at that time (product-related). But this understanding has helped me a lot, especially when I became involved with SAP implementation projects.

5.       Were you able to work in a SAP role after completing the SAP training? If so, please describe your role?

Prof Jaya and Neve were so kind that they allowed me to teach at SIERP after I passed the SAP certification exams. Because I was preparing for lesson plans then, the lessons I took were retained more because I studied more in order to impart my knowledge.

After that, I was involved in SAP implementation projects in my previous company. I now work as a Billing Specialist who is also involved in the SAP implementation project in our company.

6.       Would you recommend our training institute? If so, why? 

Definitely. In SIERP, Neve and the rest of the team is not only concerned with delivering SAP training. They also are very willing to help the students out if they have questions on how it’s like in the real world or anything which would make the life of the student better. They don’t just teach, they care.

7.       Is there anything you would like to add?

All the best to SIERP, Neve and team:) I am so thankful to you for all the help you have given me. SIERP has treated me like family and I will always be very proud of this school.