Explore SAP Training to Boost your Job Skills

In today’s uncertain economy its more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Gain competitive edge you need by building SAP software skills and getting certified on the latest SAP technologies.

SAP Training and Adoption can help you get started fast. Get access to online resources, anytime, anywhere. This advanced knowledge and expertise provides a real competitive adtange for careers in the SAP ecosystem.

  • strengthen your resume
  • Stand out in the job market demonstrating SAP Skill proficiency
  • prepare for a career int he SAP ecosystem
  • SAP skills open new job opportunities
  • Training options that are flexible for the academic
  • Training options available across all industries and lines of business

Featured courses

Whether you’re a student attending a higher academic institution, or an educator looking to connect your pupils to latest technology resources, you’ll find a wealth of program offerings to help you succeed.

HUB055 – SAP Learning Hub, enhanced student edition

Enroll in a 12-month subscription and gain

  • 24×7 access to learning content, included self-paced training, live expert-led sessions and social learning experiences
  • gain access to 60 hours of hands-on system practices with SAP Live Access
  • One SAP Global Certification exam attempt

Browse supported learning journeysRead more about the offering

CERS01 – SAP Certification in the Cloud for students

If you have already acquired the knowledge to sit for an exam, you can skip to the certification exam

More resources

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SAP University Alliance program

Enable faculty and teachers at educational institutions and partners around the world to educate the next generation of talent with SAP skills. More info

Free openSAP courses

openSAP offers innovative, interactive educational content delivered via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). It supports students, professionals and anyone wishing to continue to learn during today’s challenging times with introductory content on the latest innovations. More info