Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Trends to Watch Out For

Last week, we delve into the intelligent spend management outlook in 2021 and beyond. In this article, we look into some of the enterprise resource planning systems trends that organisations may consider adopting sooner rather than later.

The global pandemic has put extreme pressure on many industries, with the supply chain industry as one of the most challenged, to rethink and recalibrate their systems to endure and thrive in the coming unpredictable months or years post-2020. Much like in fashion where timing is everything, today is the most opportune time for industry leaders to look into the emerging technology trends that would bring remarkable business improvements this year and onwards.

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology continues to evolve, including new functionalities like embedded analytics and artificial intelligence. ERP systems have been critical to many enterprises of all sizes across industries in managing numerous business processes into a single, centralised platform– driving efficiency, intelligence, and profitability. In today’s digital era, researching and investing in the latest ERP trends would be prudent.

Modern Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Trends

Here are some of the popular functionalities in modern ERP systems to look out for and some sample solutions that are available on SAP App Center for organisations to consider as they navigate the new world of work:

Self-Service Configuration

ERPs that have configurable, easy-to-use tools for PCs, tablets, and phones allow for a better user experience, with both high security and privacy, and are suitable for today’s mobile lifestyle and remote working. Dashboards, workflows, business rules, and alerts for self-service and advanced business processes in this modern ERP provides convenience.

At Work Self-Service by EPI-USE is one example of a self-service ERP system available on SAP App Center. It provides multiple Fiori applications, supplementing the SAP Fiori Apps, to enable employees to transact with the ERP system anywhere anytime. The product is designed to be downloaded and deployed at scale on devices (e.g. mobile applications, intelligent agents, etc.).

ERP Analytics and Reporting

Modern ERP systems that feature analytics and reporting functionalities are essential in turning insights into action. Modern databases, dashboards, and KPIs run in-memory on the cloud, providing a single source of accurate, real-time business information that is critical for growing a business.

Available on SAP App Center, Revenue Reporting by Plant Maintenance by VASPP Technologies is a plant maintenance solution focused on operational and maintenance data across all the departments in the plant to help achieve minimum breakdown and to keep the plant in good working condition at higher production loads, lowest possible cost. The solution works with SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computing technology that resembles human intelligence, transforming business information into insights. For SAP, the focus is on developing artificial intelligence (AI) to improve people’s lives by helping protect the environment and build fairer societies.

One example of ERP with AI functionality is the recruitment platform Skillate, a cloud-based business-to-business application known to reduce hiring time by 50% using NLP and deep learning. 

Company-Wide Customer Data

Access to company-wide data including how customers work with the team improves customer service. By having data such as sales, quoting, pricing, customer portal, order fulfillment, field service, and costs accessible, users can easily evaluate performance and profitability.

MyWave.AI is an SAP Endorsed App that combines AI, personal data, and proactive automation to enable the customer-centered intelligent enterprise. This unique capability enables enterprises to make each product or service personalised at scale for individual customers. 

Cloud Services

Speed is everything. ERP cloud technologies provide organisations fast, secure, mobile, and private access to their business systems. It also easily connects to other cloud applications, such as sales tax calculations in sales order processing.

Annex Cloud’s comprehensive Customer Loyalty solution is an SAP-certified app that delivers end-to-end online, omnichannel, social and behavioral, and paid membership loyalty solutions. It integrates with SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, and SAP Sales Cloud

In as much as there are limitless, new technology options for a company to adopt, systematic, and informed evaluation would go a long way in choosing the right ERP system that suits an organisation’s vision.